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History of Shuguang Elementary School

The school was founded in September of the 1961 by Jesuit-American Bishop Francis Fitzgerald. The Sisters of the Holy Spirit were hired to assist in the school's affairs, and the school was completely handed over to the Sisters of the Holy Spirit in 1964. The first principal of the school was Sister Jingru Yao, principal of Shuguang Girls' High School. In the year 1974, Principal Yao stepped down and was succeeded by Sister Chui-Wen Chang. The Board of Directors appointed Sister Lin Ji to take over the principalship when Principal Chang retired at the end of her term in 1989. Since 2001, Ms. Huang Yumei has been the principal and get retired in 2016. Then, Ms. Lin Lingfeng took over the principalship.

Our school is a Catholic school with the spirit of love for people, dedication and service as the main premise to accompany the growth of our children. Since the founding of the school, we have been actively promoting the development of national education, focusing on the balanced development of the five education areas, and especially strengthening life education, in order to cultivate open-minded, loving, responsible, physically fit, and creative people. In particular, we emphasize the teaching of Mandarin and Arts, and have been praised for our excellent performance in various competitions over the years. The school has 18 classes, 42 faculty and staff, and over 700 students, making it an ideal small school for educational reform.

History of Shuguang High School

Sister Sr. Otegerina, from International Community of Missionary Sisters  S.Sp.S., founded Shuguang Girls' High School. Sister Otegerina was a German national who came to China as a missionary at the age of 30 and served as the director of the Women's College of Fu Jen Catholic University in Beiping for ten years. In 1960, with the spirit of Christian love and perseverance, she founded "Shuguang Girls' High School" in Hsinchu City to benefit local students and nurture their talents.

The junior high school was first established in 1963, and the senior high school was added in 1963. In 1971, in response to the country's economic development, the Department of Business Administration was added. In 1999, the Senior High School was reinstated, and In 2002, the English and Japanese Applied Foreign Language sections were added. In the same year, the middle school started to admit male students.

Shuguang Girls' High School, with its pure and simple school spirit and high quality image, has always stood out in the Hsinchu area.

The wise leadership and hard work of our past presidents and principals have contributed to this success. The first president of the school was Bishop Tian Geng-Sin, the second president was Bishop Du Bao-Jin, the third president was Bishop Liu Hsien-Tang , and the current president is Bishop Li Ke-Mian.

The founding principal was Sister Jing-Ru Yao, the second principal was Sister Wen-Rong Chen, and in 2002, Ms. Li-Ying Yao was appointed by the Board of Directors as the third principal.

The school is conveniently located in the center of Hsinchu City, a ten-minute walk from the train station and next to the city's cultural center. The surrounding environment is pure, with lush greenery and flowers everywhere on campus, and the campus is clean and pleasant, making it an ideal place to study.

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