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Fu Jen University - New Taipei City


  • Fu Jen Catholic University: academic and administrative fields

  • Students residence ministry

  • Hospital chaplaincy

  • Counseling

  • Outreach programs

  • Veni SSpS Youth

History of the Fu Jen University Good Shephard Community

SSpS at Fu Jen Catholic University
True to our founder's vision, we joined the Society of the Divine Word at Fu Jen Catholic University for the educational ministry. On October 14, 1963, Sr. Urbania, Sr. Edna, Sr. Rita and Sr. Clemens arrived at the campus.


In 1963, the Home Economic and Nutrition Department was opened under the direction of Sr. Urbania. In 1970, the Department of Textiles and Clothing was started under the direction of Sr. Maryta. The sisters have set up these two departments together with the Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Over the years, more sisters have served in administrative tasks, as chairpersons of the German, English, French, Japanese, Mathematics and Chemistry Departments, in the Library of Natural Science and Foreign Languages dormitories. At the same time , the sisters were engaged as teachers in their respective departments. For almost 30 years, sisters served as nurses in the infirmary on campus and oversaw the maintenance work in the dormitories. At present, guidance and counseling are added to their field of service.

No matter what the nature of involvement was or is at present, we pursue holistic education, aside from professional competence, always paying missionaries we endeavor to give witness to the Gospel. We find many opportunities to spread the Good News in teaching, in social activities , in religious instruction, in preparing students for baptism, in accompanying them as their faith is challenged in their concrete situation in life. And several young women accepted Christ's invitation to follow Him as members of our Congregation.

As Servants of the Holy Spirit, we give thanks to the Divine Spirit that he has called us to his service and has appointed us to this task of furthering the Church's apostolate in whatever role we play at Fu Jen Catholic University.

Fu Jen University -
Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit(SSpS)

Welcome to the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit(SSpS)

🕊 Experience Guide

Step 1  

Take a minute to conscious the presence of God.

Step 2   

Did you see anything in holy space?

Step 3   

Choose a prayer that is related to you and pray it. (References)

🕊Environment Introduction

 The Cross

The cross in the church symbolizes that Jesus loved the world until death, and this love surpassed death. Jesus was resurrected from the dead and the Holy Spirit, the comforter, with us every day. Proving that Jesus will come back again (physical form); look The cross can remind us that nothing in this world (including death) can be separated from God's love.

 The Altar


At the last supper,Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me."Jesus' speech was incomprehensible to the disciples at that time, even now.most church members can only believe in this mystery with faith every time at Mass. And some people in history were fortunate enough to witness the miracle of dough turning into flesh, including our current Pope Francis. Priests kept the commandments of Jesus and continued the mystery until today 2000 years later.

The Latin word is "tabernaculum" which means "dwelling place" and "tent", that is God lives in it. The priests will put the consecrated bread, which is the body of Jesus in it, and usually put a small lamp. Assist friends who come to the church, see where Jesus we pray and talk with Jesus.

Stained Glass 

Founder of the congregation

St. Arnold Janssen

St. Arnold Janssen's parents were devout Christians. As the eldest son, Arnold’s faiths were greatly influenced by his parents. Arnold’s father is in awe of the Holy Trinity and his mother is diligent and focused on the heart. Arnold did a lot of prayers and meditations and came to the conclusion that God wanted him to establish a congregation. After many difficulties… He established the "Society of the Divine Word" in the Netherlands in 1875. Inspired by God,  Helena took the initiative to become a maid. She explained to Arnold that God called her to establish a convent for women. In 1889, Arnold, Helena and Hendrina founded the "Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit".Both convents have become international religious orders. On the stained glass, St. Arnold holds the earth representing the whole world and on his head is his most revered Holy Trinity.

Mother Josepha, Hendrina Stenmanns

Hendrina is the eldest daughter who has lived in the village since she was a child. She started attending mass every day when she entered school at six years old. In order to help her family, she left school early and worked hard as a tailor (father's profession).

Once visited the seminary where Arnold lived for two days and participated in the 40-hour pilgrimage to the Holy Eucharist, she began to desire to enter the convent. Hendrina met the servants Theresa Sicke and Helena Stollenwerk in the convent, prayed to discern God’s plan for her and wrote to Arnold asking him to accept her as a servant and wait to become a missionary nun. Waiting was also fulfilled in 1889. On the stained glass, next to Hendrina there is Veni which means " Please come" in Latin, responding to God's call.

Mother Maria, Helena Stollenwerk

When Helena was 7 years old her father passed away, so she was independent and attached to her family. When she was a child, she liked to read the brochures of the "Holy Childhood Association". Once she saw a picture of a Chinese child abandoned by the roadside and it’s gradually she had the desire to go abroad on a mission. Once plucked up the courage to tell the priest that she wanted to enter a missionary nun, Because the priest believed that the Franco-Prussian War had just ended and the current situation was complicated...Helena was forbidden to discuss with him for two years. Helena was distressed but determined that this was a vocation from God. She wrote to different religious orders to inquire about opportunities...until Father Arnold wrote back that although the SVD does not have a nunnery, it is willing to find an opportunity to establish it. Helena offered to become a servant of Father Arnold's convent, waiting for the day when the convent was established. In 1889, the "Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit" was founded.

Seven saints

St. Scholastica


St. Scholastica and her twin brother, St. Benedict, create monasteries with each other.  Brother and sister meet each other in a nearby farmhouse every year. One time, St. Scarlett realized that the time for her death had come, and begged St. Benedict to accompany her until the next day. St. Benedict had made a rule that the monastery should not sleep out, so he refused her. St. Scarlett then prayed to God...then it was pouring rain outside. Benedict then called out, "Sister, may God forgive you! What have you done?" Scarlett replied, "I asked you to stay, but you refused; I had to ask God, and God did." Now, if you can go back, leave me and go back to your monastery!" The brother and sister chatted for one night, and went back to the monastery the next day. Three days later, Saint Benedict saw his sister's soul while praying Turned into a white dove and flew to heaven, the St. Scholastica died and not long after, her brother St. Benedict also passed away. The white dove on the hand of the saint on the stained glass represents  St. Scarlett's "Loving Much" soul, God hears more.

St . Teresa of Avila


St. Teresa was a person who prayed fervently but was often sick. During that period, St. Teresa experienced a "stabbing heart" scene, "I saw a god standing next to me, a god with a physical shape ....The body of the god was small, but very beautiful, and his face seemed to glow with flames. He had a spear in his hand, with some fire on the tip; and he pierced this spear into my heart, and pierced it. My internal organs and my heart were suddenly filled with the passion of loving the Lord..." The soul of the saint suffered a lot, but the pain was often mixed with delight and comfort. Before Teresa died, there were as many as seventeen reformed Carmelite monasteries. "My Lord, it is time for us to meet." Teresa passed away in the arms of the Lord in 1582 AD.

St. Catherine of Alexandria


St. Catherine of Alexandria is a wise philosopher who became a Christian around the age of 14 and often discouraged the Roman Emperor (Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius) from persecuting Christians. The emperor summoned 50 of the best pagan philosophers and orators to discuss with She, and Catherine won the debate. Overwhelmed by her eloquence, several of her opponents declared themselves Christians and were immediately executed. According to legend, the emperor or lord wanted to marry her as his mistress, but she refused. So Catherine was tied to a torture rack and tried to divide her body(drawn and quartered), but the wheels of the torture rack were broken and could not be executed, so she was finally sentenced to beheaded, died about 18 years old. More than 1100 years after Catherine's martyrdom, Joan of Arc identified Catherine as one of three angels who appeared to her and then Catholic church honored her as a saint.The circle in the stained glass is the wheel representing St. Catherine's execution.

Saint Hildegard


St. Hildegard was born in a noble family, the youngest of 10 children in the family. She saw visions from God at the age of 3 and 5 (she wrote down this experience when she was 77 years old). When she was 8 years old her parents agreed to give Hildegard to the convent Learn. St. Hildegard is rich in knowledge. She completed three theological works, two medical books and 77 holy music... etc. The content ranges from animals, plants, minerals to human organs, blood, and how to treat diseases, including bloodletting, acupuncture and food therapy. St. Hildegard is also known as the "the Sibyl of the Rhine". Scholars recognize her as the founder of natural history in Germany.

German coin commemorating the 900th anniversary of Hildegard's birth

St. Mary Magdalene
Year zero


St. Mary Magdalene records her story in the Bible. Jesus was crucified on the cross, Mary Magdalene and her elder sister Mary and Jesus' mother (Mary) under the cross Weeping. Three days after Jesus was buried, Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb to see Jesus and weeps when she finds that Jesus' body is not there. The resurrected Jesus asked Mary why she was so sad, and Mary thought the resurrected Jesus was a gardener , asked him where the body of Jesus went? Jesus called Mary's name, Mary recognized Jesus and grabbed Jesus, Jesus told Mary not to grab Him, and asked her to tell the apostles that He already resurrected, Mary hurried to the apostles to tell them the news. On the stained glass, Mary holds the cross and trusts God with all her heart.

Gertrude the Great

~Latin: Pietatis~

There are two theories about Gertrude's childhood. One is that her parents were devout believers and dedicated her to God since she was a child, and the other is that she was sent to a monastery as an orphan. Gertrude received a lot of education, and the records also show that she is proficient in Latin. At the age of 24 she suspected that she was just out of curiosity and vanity, not really seeking God. At the age of 26, Gertrude experienced a deep mystery experience. A young sixteen year old teenager said to her tenderly: "Salvation is already in your hands, why are you still filled with sorrow? ... I will save you, do not be afraid." God removed her shortcoming. After Gertrude had been ill for a long time, asked God many times to postpone her death, and also asked when she could see the Lord. God told her that two angels would tell her, "Look, the bridegroom is here, you go.” She wrote many books on church liturgy, baptism, prayer, and meditation.Wherein the manual writes an out-of-phase, near the heart of Jesus, the wound gushes out the fountain of salvation.A flame of fire emerging from her heart are expressed in stained glass.

St. Caecilia

~Fear of God~

St. Caecilia was born in a Roman aristocratic family, and she swore to be chaste when she was young, but her parents disregarded their daughter's idea and married her daughter to a pagan-Valerian. During the wedding, Caecilia sang and prayed God if her husband respects her virginity, she will love him, and if the husband wants to moles her, ask the guardian angel to kill him; And Caecilia told Valerian about this, Valerian wanted to see the angel so asked how he could see the angel? Caecilia told her husband that as long as he went to the then Pope Urban I to be baptized, he could see the angel. During the baptism, Valerian saw the angel standing next to Caecilia, the angel put a crown of roses and lilies on her. Persecuted by the Roman emperor, Valerian was martyred. In order to bury Valerian's body,Caecilia was also beheaded as a rebel. The music of Caecilia's prayer is heard by God, and on the stained glass, she’s holding a harp with her right hand. Later generations also regard Saint Caecilia as the Patroness of musicians.

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Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit:
Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Pietatis, Fear of the Lord

The designer of the stained glass specially selected seven saints, corresponding to the seven gifts.
May the grace of the Holy Spirit also be poured into your heart.

Saint gifts shorthand

🕊St. Catherine of Alexandria

(Egypt: Virgin/Martyr: 287-305; Feast Nov. 25); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Wisdom.

🕊St. Scholastica
(Italy; twin sister of St. Benedict: 480-543; Feast Feb.10); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Understanding.  
🕊St. Hildegard of Bingen
(Foundress and Abbess of a Benedictine monastery); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Counsel.
🕊St. Mary Magdalene
(Disciple of Jesus and Apostle; Feast July 22); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Fortitude.
🕊St. Theresa of Avila
(Spanish Carmelite nun, mystic, writer and reformer, Doctor of the Church; 1515-1582; Feast Oct. 15); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Knowledge.
🕊St. Gertrud of Helfta
(Benedictine German nun and mystic: 1256-1303; Feast: Nov. 16); Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit: Gift of Piety.
🕊St. Caecilia
(Roman Virgin and Martyr: 200-230AD: Feast November 22); Patron of Music; Represents the gifts of the Holy Spirit:Gift of the Fear of God.

Prayer & Method

Come, Holy Spirit

Send down from heaven

The beams of your light.

Come, father of the poor,

Come, source of all gifts,

Come, light of our hearts.

Of all comforters you are best,

Of our souls the tender guest 

Our gentle refreshment.

In our toil bring us rest,

Coolness in the noonday heat,

Consolation in our grief.

Blessed light from heaven,

Fill the depth of the hearts

Of all your faithful people.

Without your unnamable greatness,

We are but empty beings

And nothing we do is wholesome. 

Wash away the stains of sin,

Water what is withered,

Heal what is injured.

Make flexible what is rigid,

Kindle what is frigid,

Straighten what is wayward.

Your faithful people trust in you;

Give them the sevenfold gifts

Of your saving grace.

Crown your work of grace in us,

Save us at the end of life

And welcome us into eternal joy. Amen.

Come, Holy Spirit

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