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15th General Chapter's Directions (2022)

Immerse in the life of Trinity, transforming the world with compassion.

Stirred by the life-giving Spirit,

we invigorate our passion for God's mission. We seek to cross multiple borders to encounter people where they are, especially those who are made invisible or excluded from our world.

Newborn Baby
We recognize that we are part of

the darkness in the Church and society. Accepting our vulnerability, we stand up in hope and unity with the wounded and divided world. We vow to radically live our consecration in intercultural, international, and intergenerational communities.

Lantern Festival
Attentive to the fresh ways the Spirit

is moving us in mission today, we discern and redesign our structures at  all levels, while honouring our heritage. We welcome the natural process of growth and letting go, so that the new can emerge.

Father and Daughter
Awakened to the cry of the Trinity

through the pain and suffering of Mother Earth and our sisters and brothers at the margins, ecological conversion and sustainable living become our ethical imperative.

Impelled by the Spirit’s call to the Church for synodal journey,

we review and expand our collaboration, networking, and interconnectedness. 
We listen in a special way to the voices and rhythms unique to lay people who seek to live the SSpS charism and spirituality as partners/companions in mission.

Study group
The rapidly changing world, new technology,

and the diminishing meaning of religious-missionary vocation demand that we cultivate a spirit of discernment as lifelong learners. In the process of holistic formation, we take responsibility for integration and transformation at personal and community levels.

Working from Home
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