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Veni SSpS Youth



  • Spiritual School - focus on spirituality, prayer and personal vocation
  • Music Worship

  • Relationships School - focus on integral development

  • Serve-Learning

Brief Introduction

In order to meet the new era and new media, the Congregation established the Veni SSpS Youth Ministry in 2021 to provide a platform and opportunity to share our faith and serve the youth. Unfortunately, the completion of Veni has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and he youth center is still under preparation phase. However, youth ministry and evangelization will be carried out through online platform currently.

The meaning of ‘Veni’

The Latin word ‘Veni’ means "I come (came)". The name ‘Veni’ is to convey the meaning of 'Jesus personally invites the young people all the time' just like Jesus personally tells every young man: "I'm here". At the same time, the young people respond by saying, "I come" to Jesus and join in the evangelization journey with Him by learning how to pray, developing their spirituality, and committing themselves to service.

Our Mission

The Veni Youth Ministry Office serves young people from 13 to 35 years old. Use the following three goals to cultivate the youth's integral development (mental, physical and spiritual), thus expand the mission of evangelization and inheritance of serving youth.

1. Through Veni SSpS Youth's Prayer School, online evangelization and gathering, the use of music, prayer and holy words allows young people to experience the infinite love of God and grow in their spiritual life.

2. Through the nurturing of Relationship School, accompany and give young people the correct personal vocation and guidance. Let young people know more about themselves, the relationship with others, and God, and be able to distinguish them.

3. Through Service-Learning Program, we can give back and those and things that are overlooked in society. Nevertheless, experience the presence of God from within.

Contact & Map

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